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I walked to a deli and got a sandwich to go and a coffee and while I was waiting these two teenage girls ran up and were like OH MY GOD JESSICA HOW ARE YOU and then hugged me and the one whispered “that guy was following you and taking pictures of you” and then they walked home with me and that one guy stopped following me and hONESTLY THIS IS WHAT I AM HERE FOR

Y'all I was at the river just hanging with my friend and these two high school girls run up to us and say “Can you pretend to be our friends? Cause this guy has been following us,” and we sat with them and they called their parents to pick them up and I really want to share that story cause it’s SO SMART and when you’re in crisis your mind can just blank in panic so I want everyone to have that story in the back of their heads. NEVER be afraid to ask strangers for protection!

Once in like ninth grade, I was at Starbucks by myself doing homework and this weirdo came and sat at my table and was telling me how he was a photographer and how he was “scouting” for models and he really liked my “look” and he was trying to ask my name and how old I was and I was panicking bc I didn’t know what to do
Then this middle aged woman came up to us and was like “EMILY there you are sweetie I was looking for you it’s time to go home!” and the guy left really awkwardly and then she told me that she had a daughter my age and asked if I told him my name and I said no and she told me to be safe
Keep an eye out. Protect each other

why do men have to be so goddamn creepy like shit dude


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