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Thank you for those who are spreading the word about bird safety


If you see my most recent reblog, there is a comic about a dog befriending baby chicks. A cute story, in fact, but there are many dangers when a bird (or any non-mammal) and a dog or cat (once again, any mammal) coincide.

Even if your bird, in this case we will just use chickens as an example, were to become best friends with a dog or a cat, there are many dangers it may face. Cats and dogs have harmful bacteria in their saliva that can hurt and possibly kill your bird.

Even a moment of cuteness can turn deadly.

Moreso, it is vital that you always monitor your bird around other animals. A quick jab of a paw or a snippy bite can easily end the life of a chicken, parakeet, parrot, pigeon, or other bird.

Please, take into consideration the consequences of introducing your pet bird to another animal. Do your research and have a vigilant eye. Even if your animal means no harm, there is always the chance your bird can suffer from great pain.

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