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So my sister got hit by a moose.

This is not an entirely uncommon occurrence in Canada, where cars run into moose all the time (and the moose walk away). So immediately the first thing I asked her was ‘oh my god! What’s the damage to your car?’ And that’s when she corrected me. No, she did not hit a moose with her car.

My sister was shoulder-checked by a moose. She was literally hit by a moose. 

Her dog panicked when a moose ran in front of them on their walk and was running around its feet, while the moose tried to stomp on it, and so my sister did the only thing you can do in that situation and lunged into the fray to grab her dog under one arm, Tim Hortons in the other hand, and got tackled by the moose and set flying. Thankfully the moose ran off afterwards.

She’s okay, quite bruised, but okay. The most impressive part is that she didn’t even spill her double-double.

The only way this could be more Canadian is if Neil Young or Gordon Lightfoot or someone was singing in the background with an acoustic guitar.

if this goes viral and my sister finds it then i’m leaving the country and deleting this blog oh my god

She would have been fine if she had been wearing her Canadian State Issued hockey gear.

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